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Coffee-Roasting-at-homeWhen you roast coffee in home you not only enjoy the process but also create a blend that is totally customized to your choice. Whether you want a hard, medium or soft roast it all depends on you.

The home roasting of coffee had been in demand for ages, though it was a bit faded with the advent of factory roasting and the arrival of instant coffee.

People like you and me want freedom in choosing the flavor coffee we drink every morning, and the best way to ensure that is by home roasting.

Brief History of Home Roasting Coffee:

The term Home Roasting denotes the process of roasting coffee in small batches for the purpose of consumption in home or in small amount. It has been a tradition for centuries to roast green coffee beans in iron skillets, or small drums on wooden fire or directly on stovetop.

But in the dawn of mid 18th century and with the advent of pre roasted coffee and instant mixes, it slowly became less prevalent.

However in recent years the home roasting of coffee has seen a revival, though mostly as a hobby than necessity.

The first ever documented roasting device was a thin circular perforated pan made up of metal or porcelain, which was used in the Ottoman Empire and Greater Persia.

These pans were used to hold small batched of green coffee over coal fire and were stirred with long spoons until the coffee was roasted.

Although the cylindrical drums, the precursor of today’s automated industrial roasters were first seen in Cairo in the year 1650. And this revolutionized the way coffee was roasted forever.

An English coffee merchant Humphrey Broadbent wrote about these cylindrical roasting machines and how they increased the quality of roasting to a different level.

And as commercial roasting followed the home roasting slowly fell out of demand until in 1990, the new home coffee roasters started being available, they included both small drum roasters and fluid bed roasters.

And it has come a long way since then. These new devices and gadgets have made roasting coffee in home a breeze. In the later part of this article we are going to review some of the best coffee roasters available today.

Advantages of Home Roasting Coffee

There are several advantages of roasting coffee in home; however we are going to point out the main benefits of it:

  • Always Fresh: The home roasting ensures you always get freshly roasted coffee, which tastes much better than commercially roasted coffee. You can roast in small batches which last for 7-10 days (Coffee tastes the best till approx 2 weeks after roasting) and keep them in coffee vault to ensure you get a fresh coffee every morning.
  • It’s Cheaper: Did I mention it’s a lot of cheaper. The coffee roasted using the home coffee roaster can be 25% to 50 % cheaper than commercially roasted coffee.
  • Flexibility: You have a great flexibility in choosing the source of the coffee beans. You can buy coffee beans sourced from which ever country you prefer and hence giving you a tremendous control over the flavor of the coffee.
  • Control over the Roasting Process: When you are using a small coffee roaster for roasting your own coffee, you have the total freedom of maintain the temperature and the time for which the coffee is roasted. Hence you would be able to control how hard or soft you want the coffee to be roasted.
  • Its fun: And last but not the least it’s a total fun to roast your own coffee in home and see the changes that takes place in the beans.

Best Home Coffee Roaster Reviews

We are going to review some of the best small coffee roaster, which can be used for roasting coffee in home. All of them were selected for being a great performer and you can choose any one of them as per your requirement

Behmor 1600 Plus Home Coffee Roaster

Behmor 1600 Plus

Behmor 1600 Plus looks exactly like the Behmor 1600, if you have used or seen it before, only with one addition of manual configuration. It is a crafty little device which can roast up to 1 pound of green coffee beans and provides nearly smokeless roasting.


The Behmor 1600 Plus Home coffee roaster has both automatic and manual modes and supports multiple roasting profiles.

There are two versions of the device available one is (US/Canada) which operates at 120v and another European which operates at 220 volts.

To roast the beans, you need to weigh the beans and select the appropriate weight; however the time period may slightly vary depending upon the types of bean used.

However if you want to go for a manual roast, you need to stay near and listen for the cracking sound. Always stop roasting few moments before the exact time as the beans still remains hot and self roast for some time, even after stopping.

Overall the device gives a great performance if you know how to manage the device properly.

Durability: The device is extremely durable and has lot of safety features as stated by the users to prevent it from overheating. Customers has been using it for several years without any issues, proving the stability of the system.

Easiness of Use: The device has a few functions which can be mastered within a few roasting cycles. Once done, using the device should be pretty easy. It’s best to clean the device interiors after few roasting cycles to prevent the oil deposition.

Verdict: If you want to go for a stable and quality home coffee roaster, this is a perfect choice.

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FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster

FreshRoast SR500

The FreshRoast SR500 is the device you want to own if you like to roast your own coffee in home and also do not want to get your hands dirty. This device performs auto roasting and hence you can just adjust the settings and forget about it to get that perfectly home roasted coffee.

Performance: The Fresh Roast SR500 automatic coffee roaster keeps up to the promise and can roast coffee quite efficiently. It has a variable convection fan which ensures an even roast while providing gentle, efficient circulation.

SR500 sports an electric timer display and three temperature settings for controlling the roast perfectly.  The device specific fluid roast system ensures an even and fast roasting of green coffee beans.

Durability: The FreshRoast 500 is a fluid bed roaster, meaning the device roasts the coffee using heated fluid instead of direct convection. In this case the fluid being the heated air. The fluid bed roasters are generally quite durable due t their inherent design and hence lasts quite long, of used properly. Several users has updated that they had been using it for years now.

Easiness of Use: Fluid bed roasters are pretty easy to use and maintain as they mostly work through hot flowing air. The beans are generally kept agitated to prevent over roasting and collect the chaff.

Verdict: If you are looking forward to home roast your green coffee beans without much fuss, then FreshRoast SR500 Automatic is the best choice for you.

Other than these two roasters, there were several others available on Amazon, but those did please us either by its performance or in general otherwise. We are happy to say that these two were one of the best selling home coffee roasters and had the most positive reviews from the users too.

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