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Wouldn’t it have been great if you had a genie, who would serve you hot coffee at an instant when you want it?

Let me guess, it’s definitely a “YES”.

We definitely have a genie of the coffee world in for reviews today: Aka the Single Serve Coffee Maker.

These devices are really a blessing in our modern and fast world, where we often require a great cup of java to keep us going throughout the day.

These small single serve coffee makers are perfect for small houses, Studio apartments, your dorm and offices, where saving space means a lot. Though don’t underestimate these little devils for any reason.

PictureCoffee MakerTypePrice
PictureCoffee MakerTypePrice
Keurig B3000SE Auto$$$
Keurig® Platinum Auto$$$
Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System Auto$$$
BUNMCA - BUNN My Caf Brewer Auto$$$
Keurig 2700 V700 Auto$$$
Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric Titan Auto$$$
Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System Auto$$$
Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Black Auto$$

Why read reviews for the best single serve coffee maker?

You should definitely be aware why you need to read this review article before you buy your little monster.

The situation might be like, you are going to purchase a new device for the first time, or you might have used a device and want to go for another since the other coffee maker has aged.

Whatever may be the reason, you might be aware that these days the market has been flooded with hundreds if not thousands of single serve coffee makers and several of them comes with more bells and whistles than the 4th of July parade.

It is very essential to know what you are going for before you buy it. In here we would review the products based on our and several others personal user experience which would provide you with real pros and cons you would face while using the devices.

Before we move on to reviewing the units, let us consider and discuss some important points related to single cup coffee maker below.

Benefits of Small Coffee Maker:

Freshness: Who does not love their coffee to be freshly brewed? 1 cup coffee maker guarantees that. Since the tank is small hence the water requirement is also less. And these devices can directly brew onto a cup, compared to a bigger device which needs a carafe.

Hence you always get a fresh cup of coffee every time.

Time Saving: These devices save you a lot of time and are very friendly if you are on the go. You can simply put these devices on to brew coffee while going for a bath in morning and get the coffee directly onto a travel mug to sip through the way and hence saving the whole time.

Saves Money: Many a times people living alone, tend to buy the coffee on their way to office. This habit if calculated can cost you a fortune over years. Shifting to a single cup coffee maker would save the hassle of stopping for the coffee joint and also save you a lot of money.

Easy To Maintain: These devices are small and compact and hence they do not have a lot of different parts that you would need to clean frequently. And hence they are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Aesthetic: Last but not the least the devices looks pretty beautiful and can increase the beauty of your room or kitchen by itself. The devices are wonderfully built keeping in mind about the looks and colors.

Disadvantages of Small Coffee Machines:

Small Batches: if your friends are at your place and you want to brew them a few cups of coffee, you might need to run a few cycles depending upon the machine. However that might not be a problem, if you expect guests once in a while.

Upgrade on Requirement Changes: The device may require you to upgrade when the need changes and the member of users for the coffee machine increase. If you have a long term use for the device go for it, else go for a bigger device which would also be useful in future.

Does 1 Cup Coffee Maker mean cheap coffee machines?

There is a common misconception among first time users that 1 cup coffee maker means cheap coffee machines. Be informed it’s not the case. There are several devices costing in the high range and can work in parallel with other high range kitchen devices.

Although in a similar way several low range devices are also available. However it is always suggested to keep a balance between the performance and the price.

So now let’s go ahead and review some of the best coffee makers

Top 4 Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

Keurig K75 Premium Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

Keurig K75 PremiumKeurig owns the patented K cup technology for single cup coffee brewing and if you want a hassle free cup of coffee every morning then Keurig K75 single cup home brewing system is your pick.


The Keurig 75 premium single cup brewing system is top of the line single cup coffee brewer from Keurig. And as expected the device does its job exceptionally well.  This device can brew coffee, tea, cocoa and iced tea with ease and also gives you an option to select the cup size from a choice of preselected 5 options.

The device comes with host of other electronic controls too which can be useful at times for several users such as Auto On/Off, a digital clock, timer settings for auto brew and selecting the favourite cup sizes.

The Keruig 75 can hold up to 10 cups of water before it needs a refill and hence saves you a lot of time and makes the coffee making experience hassle free and enjoyable.

The device takes 4 to 15 seconds to heat the water for brewing depending on the phase of the processing and cleansing brew.

Overall the device performs quite good and is a great choice for your home if you are looking for a great single cup coffee brewer.


The device is quite durable and will last long if it is used as suggested. Some of the users reported that the device starts to brew less amount of coffee and takes longer to heat, which is a classic case of not cleaning the devices properly.

The best way to solve the issue is to use distilled water which gives you 2 shots with a single bullet. Since distilled water does not contain any added salts or minerals, you get the pure taste of the coffee flavor that you brew, and it also saves you a lot of hassle and time which might be required for de-scaling the device.

If in case it is not possible to use distilled water, you might need to de-scale the device using vinegar solution and if you live in a place where the water is extremely hard you can consider using this for cleaning.

The half brew or less brew issue can be resolved by cleaning the drip pores on regular intervals. It generally happens as pores get clogged with coffee and hence the water can’t flow freely.

Other than these two issues you might not face much of a problem, with the device unless some electronic fault happens which is a constant factor with any device that you buy.

Easiness Of Use:

The Keruig made sure to provide you with a host of options to make your life easier with the single cup coffee brewing device:

Cleansing Brew: The device once started heats the water and dispenses a small part of the water to cleanse the internal system every time, so that leftover from last brew does not interfere with the fresh brew.

LCD And LED: The device comes with a backlit blue LCD panel to help with the brewing, which displays all the options while you are processing the coffee. The LED is present to update you with the heating and reheating procedures.

Timer: You can set the timer control by placing your travel mug and get a cup of coffee on the go. This will help you to save some time on the morning if you are in a hurry.

De-scaling Signal: The device is intelligent enough to update you about when it needs a de-scaling run. Just follow the instruction when you get the signal from the device and you will run without any problem every morning.

Dishwasher: All the parts of the device is not dishwasher safe and you should consult the manual properly to check them out.


In one word you can definitely go for the device if you have a long term use in mind, and mostly want to brew from K kups. Even though there are hacks to make the devices do more than it was made to do, but we would not recommend it on the long run.

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BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi Use Coffee Brewer

Bunn MCU Single serve coffee maker

As per our review process we found BUNN MCU to be of great value and a well performing device for the single cup category of coffee maker. It is a value for money device.


The device does its job well and does not include the bells and whistles of Keurig machines, and hence is much more stable and focused on what it does.

Items It Can Brew: The BUNN MCU can literally brew almost anything that might be required by a single cup coffee maker user and these include:

  • The all popular K Kups.
  • Grounded Coffee.
  • Tea Pods.
  • Tea Bags.
  • Loose Tea and much more.

The device intakes hot water directly for each brew since it does not have a holding tank and hence as a result it can heat the water in a moment’s time.

The device includes pulse brew option which allows you to extract deeper and rich flavor if you want any time, which is a plus option. The device can brew 4-14 ounces of coffee in each session and hence you can always have a full cup.

The manufacturer made sure it is a perfect piece of equipment for the people on the run and hence allows you to swap the regular mug with a travel mug any time.

All in the entire device is perfectly suited from the performance point of view and is pretty simple to use, which is quite necessary when you use the device every day.


As mentioned earlier the BUNN MCU single cup coffee brewer comes with much lesser bells and whistles from its competitors which is a boon in disguise as the device becomes more simple to use and you experience much less or almost no breakdown and it does the job what it is supposed to do.

The above fact has been confirmed by several long time users as we did not use the device just for review purposes. While some of the benefits and problems can only be understood after a long period of use.

Easiness Of Use:

The device is extremely easy to use and has separate compartments for different brewing material. I must say the device is extremely versatile. You will get 4 interchangeable drawers as below:

Cup Drawer:

This drawer is used to brew coffee from K cups, there are a host of flavors and assortments available to choose from and if you are interested you can also use a reusable K kup(single serve coffee container). We will write up a separate article regarding the methods, buying guide and benefits of a reusable K cup.

Ground Coffee Drawer: The ground coffee drawer allows you to use, grounded coffee directly and you can pour up to 20 grams of grounded coffee for getting the café quality results.

Pod Drawer: The pod drawer attachment allows you to use various kinds of teabags and other type of soft compostable coffee.

Hot Water Drawer: This attachment simply drops hot water for easy use of making instant items or as per your imagination. For example you can make ready to eat noodles, gelatins and host of other things.

The only backdrop with the machine which can be neglected is that it does not have an auto switch off button. Once you complete the brewing process it will remain on till 6 hours and then will auto set back and after 26 hours of non use it will go to sleep mode. However that is not much of a problem unless you frequently forget to switch off the device manually.


If you require a trustworthy and well performing device, go for the BUNN MCU single serve coffeemaker you will not be disappointed. We found it to be one of the best single serve coffee maker and so does the reviews of hundreds other customer say the same.

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Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Cuisinart S700 Single Serve Coffee MachineCuisinart is a pretty popular name in the coffee world and they are famous for producing popular coffee machines in a wide array of selection. The Cuisinart SS700 single serve coffee maker is a mid level single serve device from the company, however it performs no less than a top notch product of its competitor.


The Cuisinart SS-700 is a fully programmable home brewing system which can brew coffee, tea and cocoa both hot and cold under one minute. The device sports an 80 ounce water reservoir which removes the requirement of pouring water every time you want to make a cup of coffee.

The device sports 5 different cup sizes to choose from and also has a removable dip tray for placing your travel mug to make coffee on the go.

The water tank hosts a charcoal filter which minimizes the requirement of de-scaling the device frequently unlike other coffee makers of the same group, which is an added benefit of you are not using distilled water as we always recommend.

The device has more than 1600+ positive reviews on Amazon which also speaks a volume about its performance.


The device was found to be durable if it is used as suggested by the manufacturer and also some other self restricted measures. The manufacturer suggests having a rinse run or two with hot water after you have had the last cup brewed. This ensures that the channels always remain clear and no pores are clogged with coffee or other particulates.

And if possible use distilled water to get a great tasting coffee and prevent the device from scaling and other hazards. Other than these the device should perform well and good.

Easiness Of Use:

The device is extremely easy to use and maintain as most of the functions are on auto mode. This device also has auto On/Off feature and hence you do not need to worry in case you forget to switch it off before leaving for office.

A wide LCD panel for easiness of use to update you about every phase it goes through, which is pretty helpful during brewing.

Several parts of the device are dishwasher safe, you should refer to the manual once for the same to know more about it.


The Cuisinart SS-700 is a real value for money device, costing just above a hundred bucks you will get the features available for premium devices of other manufacturers.

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Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee makerHamilton Beach single serve /Carafe coffee maker can be just a god gift for the people who alternates between single serves as well as carafe in the weekends or evening. A single switch can alter between the two with ease. This device is hugely popular among the coffee lovers.


Hamilton beach single serve coffee brewer is a well deserving candidate in this segment from every point of view if you leave the K cup brewing.  This device can brew single serve or a full 12 cup carafe of 14oz.

The device has storage tank to minimize frequent water top ups and can take either grounded coffee or soft pods, for brewing. The device has the capacity to brew the coffee in either regular or bold strength.

It sports a cute little LCD panel which can display clock, equipment settings and also helps in setting up the timer for the device beforehand to brew coffee unaided.

The device also tops it off with an auto shut off timer after 2 hours of non use, which is a pretty nifty feature and helps in case the user forgets to shut off the device.

The device is exceptionally well considering its value for money, if you are looking for one to serve dual purpose and is not a hard core fun of K cups, just go for it.


We were really surprised about the durability of the device, because you also need to keep the cost factor in mind. Several users vouched that they has used it for years without any, yes without any kind of wear and tear or even surface scratches.

One of the user found that the device just dripped 4 drops of coffee after every use and that happened after 1 year of use, which does not even count as you can take the cup out after 4-5 seconds.

For my personal view if the device lasts even for 3-4 years(It has lasted much more for several users than that) at the price point it is available, I would go for it again.

Easiness Of Use:

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker is one of the easiest devices to use that we found, during our review process. It really does what it is supposed to do. The single serve coffee brewer side contains a little filter on which you can directly pour grounded coffee, and hence it saves you a lot of time, effort and money to change the senseo every time.

The auto brew timing feature works perfectly as it should, just feed the time into the device and make sure to keep it on; it will automatically brew the coffee in exact time as you had given. This feature is just great and helps a lot in busy hours.

The device can also make Tea on the single side which is a added bonus for people who also prefers tea.

About cleaning the device, you can’t be more happier thinking how easy it is to clean the device.


Our verdict is if you don’t want to brew coffee from K pods, this should be your ultimate choice for single server coffee maker. You can be much happier than this after buying it. Just to make a note the carafe and the travel mug that you see in the picture are not a part of the assembly.

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