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The Lost Art of Siphon or Vacuum Coffee Making

The vacuum or Siphon coffee maker was invented in the year 1830, by Loref of Berlin, and was quite popular those days for the quality and clarity of brew it produced. However, it got left behind, as it was a bit complex for daily use then.

In United States and Canada, it became a secondary choice from 1960’s and hence only few companies remained who kept producing, the devices for a handful of interested people.

But during the late 1990, few coffee enthusiasts started, bringing back the lost art and found that the devices produced much clearer and better tasting coffee, than ready made or machine made coffee.

And after 160 years of the invention of the device and the method of vacuum coffee making, people have started taking it seriously for brewing that perfect cup of coffee. This is supported by the fact, that several coffee specialty restaurants are using the same method to produce their brew, and are investing thousands of dollars for customized devices.

How Siphon or Vacuum Coffee Maker Work?

To choose the bVacuum Coffee Makerest siphon or vacuum coffee maker, you must know the working principle of the device. Once you understand the simple yet mesmerizing simple scientific process that goes in brewing the coffee with this device, it will be very easy for you to choose and use the device yourself.

The device works relying on the fact that, having a sealed high pressure area, pushes out gases and liquids and sealed low pressure area pulls in gases and liquids to balance the pressure.


The vacuum coffee maker has the below mentioned parts:

Bottom Chamber: The bottom chamber is nothing but the container for the normal temperature water during the start of the brewing of the coffee. The heat source is applied below the bottom chamber.

Top Chamber: The top chamber houses the grounded coffee, the filter and also the siphon is connected to its bottom.

Siphon: The siphon as described above is connected to the top chamber and its neck hosts a rubber gasket to snug tightly with the bottom chamber. The purpose of the siphon is act as a way for the steam and heated water.

Filter: The filter is used while the brewed coffee returns to the bottom chamber during the end phase of the brewing. There are several types of filters that you can choose from, however all of the devices we will discuss today come pre-fitted with one that gives good result.

Heat Source: The heat source can be of mainly three different types

  1. Alcohol Wick: It is the slowest of all, and works just as it sounds. That is with a cotton wick and alcohol.
  2. Butane Burner: It works much faster than the Alcohol wick, and is easily available. And are most suitable for home use.
  3. Custom Butane Burner: These are the fastest of all, and can be made by custom orders. These are mostly used by restaurants for continuous use.

How to Brew Coffee with Siphon coffee maker?

The use of siphon or vacuum coffee maker can be broken down into several small steps as below:

  1. Stage 1: Pour some filtered water into the bottom chamber; you can also use boiling water to speed up the process. But always remember there will be considerable time difference in the two cases, as in the later, the water is already boiling.
  2. Stage 2: Now ground the coffee, Yes- you should grind the coffee just seconds before using it and not minutes. This helps to retain the aroma of the coffee in the coffee. You can always use the best coffee grinder available, or even hand grind it the traditional way, if you prefer.
  3. Stage 3: Pour the grounded coffee into the top chamber, and insert the siphon into the bottom chamber and secure it properly.
  4. Stage 4: Now you can light the heat source and depending on the amount of water, adjust the heat source time.
  5. Stage 5: The heat will produce steam and the pressure inside the bottom chamber will rise, this will force the water from the bottom chamber to the top chamber and the coffee will be brewed.
  6. Stage 6: After some moment, once the coffee is brewed remove the heat source. This will create a void in the bottom chamber and the brewed coffee will be forced through the filter to the bottom chamber. Leaving you with a perfectly brewed coffee.

List of Best Siphon or Vacuum Coffee Maker

All the three devices listed here of great value and makes wonderful coffee. These have been verified several people, using it over a period of time, and they are also pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Yama Glass Table Top Siphon (Syphon) Coffee Maker with Butane Burner

Yama glass is one of the top siphon coffee maker, and is quite popular with the vacuum coffee making community.


Best siphon coffee makerIf you get pleasure in brewing the coffee by hand and can spare some minutes for the sake of getting a smooth, great tasting coffee, this is the device to go for.

The Yama glass table top siphon coffee maker comes equipped with all the attachments you might need for getting the coffee brewed.

The device is shipped with the top container, bottom container, holding stand, butane burner, top lid, filter and a spatula.

Several verified purchaser and coffee geek and our self recommends this device.


The device is extremely durable, and the base is made up of ceramic has 20 oz capacity. Both the containers are made up of heat resistant glass (Generally Pyrex Glass), and is manufactured in Taiwan.

Since the butane burner is included with the device, the heat range will always be within the limit of the device and hence you can be worry free.

Easiness of Use:

The device is pretty easy to use since it comes with all the attachment from the factory. You will just need to follow the steps given above, to get it working.

You will need to control the duration of heating time depending upon the strength of the coffee you want.


Users and coffee geek suggest, it is a steal deal at the price range of lower $$$, since it works out of the box.

Feel free to buy the device if you are looking for the Best siphon or vacuum coffee maker.

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Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum 34-Ounce Coffee Maker

Bodum is one of the oldest siphon or vacuum coffee maker company, and they had been in game for long.


Vacuum coffee makerThe device performs extremely well if used properly and the brew it produces is of great quality.

However, you need to keep a few things on mind while using this device to get the optimal performance as it is a stove top vacuum coffee maker.

  1. Make use of coarse grounded coffee; this will prevent the filter from clogging and its effective use.
  2. Tightly seal the two gloves wile inserting the siphon, this will ensure a good vacuum and the coffee will brew properly.
  3. Always make sure some water remains in the bottom container, this will ensure that there is always pressure build up and also the chances of the glass cracking will be removed.
  4. After removing the heat source, either keep the device on the stove top itself, or if you need to remove it make sure the device is placed on a heat insulated area, like a wooden tray or chopping board. If placed on a colder surface, the bottom might crack due to uneven contraction.


The Bodus Santos stovetop vacuum coffee maker is made up of durable and heat resistant glass. And the sealing material in the neck of the siphon is gleaming nylon. And hence the whole device is extremely durable.

Easiness of Use:

The carafe is fitted with the stay cool handle and hence it is pretty easy to use. The device is also dishwasher safe and hence it is pretty easy to clean too. The Bodus Santos comes with a coffee scoop and a resisting stand making it an easy to use product out of the box.


The device is perfect for home use, it can be used with stove top and can also be modified to be used with a butane burner if you want to take it out for camping.

Bodus Santos stove top vacuum coffee maker is the one of the best devices available. The device costs lower $$, and hence is quite attractive from its price point.

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Yama Glass Stovetop Coffee Siphon (Syphon)

As we already mentioned on the first coffee maker, we reviewed here Yama glass is quite popular and trust able in the Siphon coffee maker devices.


syphon coffee makerThe Yama Glass stove top siphon coffee maker is a heartthrob of many people who prefer the non espresso method of brewing coffee. The device performs equally well both on regular stove top and electric stove top, when used with the wire mesh.

The device is an excellent choice if you consider the looks at its price point. It is quite easily serviceable even though it is made up of glass and you can also use separate filter of your choice.

The 20oz device is useful for brewing single cup coffee and the 40oz can be used, when brewing for 2 people or more.


The Yama vacuum coffee brewer is made up of heat resistant borosilicate glass, and the handle is also heat resistant. The device is dishwasher safe and can also be effectively used inside a microwave, to heat the water at first.

Borosilicate glasses are quite resistant to heat, but make sure the bottom chamber is not void of water at any time during the heating process, else the glass may crack.

Easiness of Use:

This particular device sports many features, which makes it pretty to use and maintain; for example as already mentioned, unlike other devices this device comes with a mesh net for using on modern electric stove top, and can also be used with microwave. The device can be used in a dishwasher and hence you need not even worry about cleaning the device.


This device is chosen by most of the users, who are looking for a vacuum coffee maker for their home. The price point of lower $$, and the quality is probably the most driving point for all its users.

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  1. Jeff March 9, 2016 at 1:43 pm -

    I am a die hard fan of siphon coffee and can vouch for the fact that Yama is a renowned name. Still felt like doing a bit of research before purchasing a new one.

    I now own the all in one device listed here on top and it works like a pro. And hell yeah it look cool! 🙂

  2. John May 29, 2016 at 11:47 pm -

    Excellent blog you have got here.. It’s hard to find quality writing like yours these days.

    I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  3. Lucy July 4, 2016 at 11:26 am -

    So far I have used a few different Siphon coffee brewer. I can really vouch for the Yama Glass device, it brews premium quality coffee and also makes your kitchen looks cool.

    I have always had the guests mesmerizingly watch their coffee brew every time, and compliment me on the device. It really feels great 😀

    If you are planning to buy one eyes shut go for the Yama device.

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