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Unconventional Fight: Moka Pot VS Cheap Espresso Machine

Unconventional Fight – Moka Pot VS Cheap Espresso Machine

Looking forward to buy the Best Moka Pot, right?

Hold on to you thought till you read the full post. Why? Because we are going to uncover something, that would save your day.

Before comparing the best moka pot (the stove top espresso maker) and the affordable espresso machine. Let’s go ahead and look into each of the device and how do they work.

It is one of the reasons, which will separate the taste of the espresso far apart for each of them.

Requirements for Making A Great Espresso.

The basic requirements of making a great espresso are:

  • At least 9 Bar Of pressure to extract the coffee.
  • Steady temperature of 92 to 96*C.
  • Good quality Milk frothier
  • Appropriate timing
  • Good grounded coffee
  • Pure water

What is a Moka Pot or Stove Top Espresso Maker?

Moka Pot was invented and patented in the year 1933 in Italy by Luigi De Ponti. These pots How_Moka_Pot_Worksare generally made up of aluminum; however steel variants are also available. And can be used over stove or electrical burners.

The process(remember only the process) of Coffee brewed in a Moka pot is similar to an espresso machine, in the fact that they are brewed under pressure, and uses hot water and steam to extract the coffee.

The lower housing of the pot holds hot water, on formation of steam; the water is forced through a filter and nozzle above it, on which the ground coffee is kept to extract the coffee.

And here most of us do the mistake of thinking the extracted coffee is espresso. Which is a misconception born because both the devices (Moka and espresso machine), uses the same procedure and both the extracted result taste strong.

How Espresso Machines Work?

There are several kinds of espresso machines to choose from, however we are going to limit our discussion to the pump driven machines, since they cost less and is a good supplement Extracting-Espresso_pump_drivenchoice for a stove top espresso machine.

The pump driven espresso machines hosts a boiler for heating the water, portafilter for holding the coffee, control panels, timers and great quality milk frother.

Once the water is topped up, it starts to head and the pump forces the water at 9 bars of pressure through the portafilter holding the grounded coffee. The shots can be collected in cups along with thick rich crema.

Considering the fact that a good quality semi auto espresso machine is available in Amazon for close to $$. It leaves us no room to suggest you to go ahead with one of those.

Let us show you why you should invest in a affordable Espresso machine instead of stove top espresso maker.

Stove Top Espresso Maker:


  • Extremely Cheap And Affordable
  • Small in size and occupies less space
  • Easy to clean
  • No movable parts hence require no servicing.


  • Can deliver only till 1.5 bars or pressure through steam. Much less than required for espresso of minimum 9 bar.
  • No control over the temperature, hence often coffee gets burnt and tastes bad.
  • Milk frothing is not up to the mark.
  • Can work only with fine grounded coffee hence often coffee is over extracted.
  • A manual system hence requires continuous supervision.
  • No indicator to let you know when it is done. You need to depend on experience and gut feeling.
  • Last but not the least; it is not a cool thing to show off.

Pump Driven Affordable Espresso Machine:


  • Quite affordable and has value for money for what it delivers.
  • Delivers 9-15 bars of pressure, which is more than sufficient to properly extract the coffee from grounded coffee beans.
  • Has separate steam wand for frothing milk, which does the job well.
  • Can work with any type of grounds of coffee, hence lets you control, the taste.
  • Temperature is fully controlled and kept in the range of 92 – 96 *C
  • These are semi auto, hence does not require continuous supervision.
  • Has electronic control panel which makes, brewing espresso an enjoyable task.
  • Can be pre programmed to automatically brew cup of espresso in morning, at a preset time, so you can get a ready cup of coffee, without any effort.
  • Last but not the least; it’s cool to show it off on your counter top.
  • Can warm cups, so the temperature of coffee does not fall down.


  • A bit more costly than the mokapot.
  • Takes more space than the competitor.
  • Cleaning takes a bit longer, however it can be avoided if pure water is used.

De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso Maker Aka The Mokapot Killer.

De’Longhi EC155Price:  $$

The device is also dubbed as little monster as it houses a 1100W power boiler made of stainless steel. And a heavy duty pressure pump capable of delivering up to 15 bar of pressure.

The device has self priming option, so you do not have to wait for the water to be heated before making a cup of espresso.

It has a 35 ounce water tank and can be dismantled for easy clean. This device is pretty easy to clean and maintain than several other costly Espresso Maker. The frother is quite good and does its job well.

The device costs in double digit ($$) and hence is a few dollars extra than the moka pot.

However it can be a friend of yours for next 10-12 years. Giving you the pleasure of having, a perfect espresso every morning.

We recommend checking out your budget and investing in De’Longhi EC155 for a long term benefit.

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