Best Way To Store Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans In Home

We all love freshly brewed coffee. Don’t we?

However the freshness and the aroma of the coffee does depend on all of the factors starting from the plantation, roasting, storing, grinding to the brewing of the coffee. Although, we cannot control the factors related to the plantation, we can be sure that if the beans are sourced from a good company, quality is always assured.

But as we see here rest all the steps to produce that great cup of coffee depends a lot on us. However, the proper storage of the coffee beans affects the aroma and quality of the brewed coffee a lot, and hence today we are going to limit our discussion in the best way to store roasted coffee beans in home.

Transformation of Green Coffee Beans to Roasted Coffee beans.

The green coffee beans when plucked from the shrubs are non aromatic hard and flavorless beans and most of the transformations take place during the roasting process. And also the roasting technique can generate different variety of flavors as the chemical reactions starts and stops depending on the temperature, duration and other factors.

The green or raw coffee beans consist of several organic compounds like carbohydrate, lipids, proteins, poly-phenols, caffeine and several others. These by themselves are not aromatic and are not directly responsible for the flavor.

However these same chemicals turn into heavenly aromatic flavor when they are craftily roasted at high temperature and pressure for certain duration. Resulting in volatile organic compounds like 3-isobutyl-2-methoxypyrazine and many more under the Maillard Reaction.

During the reaction a lot of transformation takes place inside the beans and as a result the beans releases a lot of carbon-dioxide(CO2). Maximum of the CO2 is released during the first 48 hours and it slowly decreases over a period of seven days.

As a matter of fact, this carbon dioxide both helps to keep the coffee fresh by creating a barrier between the beans and the atmospheric Oxygen, and also producing a thick crema. And hence you will always find freshly roasted and grounded coffee will always produce a lot of crema.

How To Store Roasted Coffee Beans?

During our day to day life we require easy and hand solution for our problems, and so we are going to see the best way to store coffee beans and the elements we should protect them from.

The storage unit should have the below mentioned properties to keep either coffee beans or grounded coffee fresh:

  • Protection from Light: The coffee beans needs to be protected from light pretty well as light catalyze the decomposition reaction.
  • Protection from Moisture: Moisture degrades the quality of the coffee and gets the entire aroma swamped. Hence both beans and the grounded coffee should be protected from moisture.
  • Protection from Heat: Coffee is sensitive to heat once it has been roasted, keeping on constant high heat for long duration degrades the quality of coffee and hence it should be protected from heat. However, that does not mean we should keep the coffee beans or the grounded coffee in refrigerator, as that increases the chances of letting the moisture in. Keeping in normal cupboard is fine enough to keep the coffee cool.
  • Should have one way Ventilation: As we mentioned above, newly roasted coffee releases CO2, and it’s good for the coffee. But this CO2, needs to be vented out from time to time, or simply put the coffee should be able to breathe.
  • Should have air tight seal: The storage container should have an air tight seal, to keep the Oxygen out and hence prevent the oxidation.

Considering the facts that you will need only a few storage places or jars for several years, we are giving the best way or options to store roasted or whole coffee beans.

Friis 16-Ounce Coffee Vault, Stainless Steel

This storage container is specially designed for storing coffee, and is top of the class in what it does.

coffee storage containerI felt quite confident while testing the product as I saw the manufacturer took care of all the above mentioned points and hence it really qualifies as a top class storage container for both whole roasted and grounded coffee beans.


If you want a great cup of coffee every morning, the coffee storage container should be great. And myself as an all time coffee geek, found Friis coffee vault to be one of the best performing containers available.

The device satisfies all the conditions of a good coffee storage container:

  1. Since it is made up of aluminum, it would protect the coffee from external light.
  2. The device has tight vacuum seal with push button, which ensures no moisture enters, and also keeps the Oxygen out.
  3. The device has one way ventilation system for the coffee to breathe, and hence keeps the generated CO2 out, protecting the coffee from going stale.
  4. The Friis Coffee Vault is made up of metallic aluminum and hence is a good conductor of heat. So if it is kept in shade and away from heat source, it will always stay cool.


Being made up of aluminum, the Friis Coffee vault is extremely durable and rugged in nature. Unless it is specifically tortured, it should and is confirmed by users to last for several years.

Easiness of Use:

The device is extremely easy to use and maintain and can be used and operated by almost anyone including children. There is a push button for vacuum seal which makes it easier to suck out some of the air from inside and hence protects the coffee inside from oxygen.

If you want to take the maintenance a notch up, you can definitely use a food grade polypack, inside the container, to store the beans or grounded coffee.

But make sure to keep the pouch open for the coffee to breath, this will help you easily take out the leftover coffee from bottom, without much fuss, while you change the batch.


This container is found to be the best, for the purpose of storing both coffee beans and grounded ones. With an approximate price range of $20, it would be a great investment as, it will last for several years if handled carefully.

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Tightvac Coffeevac Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

Tightvac coffee storage containers are top of the line coffee containers made of Bisphenol A (BPA) free and is approved by both EU and FDA for being made of food grade polystyrene.


The Tightvac container is okay performing and can hold up to 16oz of whole or ground coffee. This should be enough for a week of store, which is suggested for always getting the fresh brew.

The device has a unique push button vacuum sealing technology, which keeps the coffee safe by cutting up the atmospheric oxygen and also helps to vent out the Co2 produced.

However, it does not operate automatically and needs a push of button. It has been found that the container keeps the coffee fresh for 2+ weeks and more, though it has not been tested beyond as most coffee lover will deter to keep coffee beyond that.


The Tightvac coffee container is quite durable and can survive minor falls. The device is made up of polystyrene which is quite strong and the strong sealing cap makes sure it does not open up and spill the coffee on minor falls.

The sealing has been reported to last like new for several years and hence keeping the coffee fresh all year round.

Easiness of Use:

The container is pretty easy to use and can be easily handled by any adult. The wide open mouth makes it pretty easy to scoop the coffee out during brewing.


The Tightvac is a good choice if you want to go with the mid range container for storing your coffee. Even though it cannot outperform the metal container Friis, it performs quite good for its price range at approx $15

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OXO Good Grips Storage Container

Oxo good grip storage container, is not dedicated coffee storage container, but has most of the features of it. If you are looking for a temporary solution or may be just a quick solution, which you would replace later, then this is the best choice.


The Oxy good grip storage container is tough and durable and is pretty light weight, which makes it an ideal choice for storing coffee while going for camping.

It has a modular design and hence saves a lot of storage space. The container has a button for creating vacuum sealing and it also serves the dual purpose of handling the lid.


The Oxo good grip storage container is quite durable and is best for storage while travelling and short term use. Being a non dedicated coffee container, it does not have two important features, such as the protection from light (The container is transparent), and the one way venting system to release the CO2 produced.

Easiness Of Use:

The OXO good grip is pretty easy to use and has a wide mouth just like the other containers, it is quite easy to use and maintain and also very efficient in saving storage space.


If you want a temporary solution or you are going for a trip and want to carry your coffee with you. This could be your ideal solution. The container comes under $13 and does quite a job for the price.

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