Bodum Pebo Vaccum Coffee Maker Review

The vacuum or siphon method of brewing coffee is perhaps very old known method which produces the best quality aromatic coffee.

This Bodum Pebo Siphon coffee maker originated from Switzerland replaces the method of brewing coffee to an artful activity.

In this article, I am going to throw some light on the Bodum vacuum coffee maker which is one of the best quality siphon maker known from old days.

How Bodum Pebo Vaccum Coffee Maker Works: 

Bodum Vacuum Coffee MakerThis Bodum Pebo Siphon coffee maker brews coffee using the vacuum brewing technique which is the  simplest method used.  Mainly this device is equipped with two glass pots connected with a narrow pipe. Water is filled in the carafe and the filter is fitted to one end of the tube connecting the pots.

The coffee grounds which are roughly grounded are placed at the top container and then this device is placed on a stove  top on a trivet to heat the water.

While brewing once the water starts heating and it forms vapors which rise up to the top container where the coffee grounds are placed. Once the vapors reach the top container it gets converted to the liquid state and gets mixed with the coffee grounds.

The mixture is stirred a little and allowed to infuse for a while. When brewing is complete the device is removed from the stove container and the coffee flows down through the pipe and gets collected at the bottom container leaving the coffee sediments at the top vessel. Now the coffee is ready to get served.

 About the Bodum Vacuum coffee maker

This vacuum coffee maker comes from Switzerland has a beautiful sculpture and coffee brewing in this siphon device is as entertaining as theater and also quite fascinating to prepare the coffee.

This particular siphon coffee maker is equipped with two glass pots made up of high heat resistant glass sits on top of the other. Both the pots are connected with a narrow tube which a filter fitted at one of its ends and it extends into the bottom container.

Also the carafe is attached with a long stay-cool handle which allows to handle the carafe safely while hot, also providing better grip. The carafe also comes with a stopper which allows the coffee to keep hot as long as possible.

 Bodum Pebo Siphon Coffee maker review:

Bodum coffee maker is one of the most popular among the siphon coffee makers and is known for more than sixty years. It is a budget friendly device and  I can give you a heads up if you are really keen for a siphon coffee maker to brew some best coffee at home.

This device is equipped with all the necessary features which is required in a siphon coffee maker and can make it add itself to your cart.


The Bodum coffee maker comes with all the necessary features that make it compete with the top of the line devices.

The base of the device was kept broad and it gave both a sense of style and stability to the device while being used. The flat base allows uniform heating of the liquid while coffee is brewed.

The vacuum device being equipped with a long handle allows the handling of the carafe easily while it’s hot and operating. It also consists of a scoop for the coffee grounds. The stopper that comes along with the device keeps the coffee warm for sometime.

The entire brewing process is carried out in a sealed process so that there is no leakage of aroma at all. The brewing time and temperature being perfectly calibrated it produces awesome flavourful coffee.


Just as like any other top selling siphon coffee maker the Bodum Pebo vacuum coffee maker is also very durable and resistant to the elements by its design.

The glass pots are made of high heat resistant glass and durable gleaming nylon which have a longer life compared to other glasses and could last you for years if used with a little more care.

  Easiness of use

This Bodum Vacuum coffee maker is very simple to operate and brewing coffee in this device is more like watching a science experiment in action.

It is very easy to clean and handle and all the parts of the device can be easily dismantled for wash and it is dishwasher safe.


No other siphon coffee maker has fascinated coffee enthusiasts like the Bodum Pebo coffee maker. I would highly recommend this device to anyone who are really a coffee geek like me and like the way of brewing coffee in this Bodum coffee maker.

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