Brewmaster Diguo Electric Siphon Coffee Maker Review!

Are you still using the old models of siphon coffee makers which are equipped with alcohol burners? Then it is definitely the time for you to upgrade from your old siphon coffee makers to the new generation electric coffee maker.

With the advent of the good electric siphon coffee maker, the manual work has been reduced a lot.

Today in this article I am going to take you through the Brewmaster Diguo electric coffee maker and tell you about its construction and features.

Brewmaster Electric Vaccum Coffee Maker Features:

Diguo Siphon Coffee Maker Design

The new generation electric siphon coffee maker comes with two glass chambers placed one on top of the other and is connected through a narrow pipe which allows the steam to rise up and mix with the coffee grounds to produce the best aromatic coffee through the vacuum method.

The bottom coffee decanter is attached with a round glass handle which makes pouring coffee easy after it is brewed. Also, the bottom container is attached with a heating unit which comprises of an electric heater and a temperature controller which helps to brew the perfect coffee at the particular temperature.

This device is gaining more weightage these days because of the safe and convenient way it uses to brew coffee. Coffee brewing in this device takes a pretty less time to prepare coffee compared to other siphon makers available in the market.

The lid provided at the top allows the brewed liquid to retain the heat for sometime.

 Filter Design

This electric siphon maker comes with the original cloth filter which brews smooth coffee which is rich in flavors and extracted coffee oils and produces clean coffee without allowing any coffee grounds to settle at the bottom of the coffee cup.

 Heating mechanisms

This particular siphon unit comes with an electric unit attached to the bottom container which helps to prepare coffee in not more than five minutes.It comprises of an electric heater and an adjustable heat controller which allows to vary the temperature as required.

The main difference of this siphon unit with other siphon makers is that there is no risk of fire or dangerous flames.

Brewmaster Diguo Electric Siphon Coffee Maker Review:

Diguo new generation vacuum maker is indeed the next level siphon coffee maker . While reviewing it performed extremely well and produced rich aromatic coffee .

This device is classy, heat-resistant, easy to clean and handle and most importantly is a budget friendly unit with such an inbuilt heating mechanism.


This new generation siphon coffee maker has made itself the top rated coffee maker because of its advanced features.

The main distinguishing feature that it poses which makes it out of the box compared to other siphon makers is the inbuilt electric unit which consist of a heater and a temperature controller for heating. The presence of this heater cuts down a whole lot of manual work and the brewing process gets faster as well as easier.

It is also quite safe to use this vacuum unit as it does not involve the use of alcohol for fuel and there is no risk of open flames and this device being so compact in size can be placed at any small corner of your house to operate.

It runs on 110v power supply and has a capacity of holding 360ml liquid.


This particular vacuum unit is pretty durable compared to other glass siphon makers due to its constructional features and is very easy to operate. It has all the features of a siphon maker in addition to it consists of an electric unit for heating.

Also since the heating chamber is an electric unit and is attached to the bottom container it is more durable compared to the conventional siphons and does not require repeated filling of fuel for use.

The temperature controller provides better variation in heating the liquid while brewing and the coffee gets brewed at the right temperature and tastes mind-blowing.

 Easiness of use

The device is compact and very easy to operate since this siphon possess an electric unit for heating one need not bother about burners and fuels. There is no risk from open flames and fire and it is safe to operate anywhere and anytime only you require a power supply for this device to work.


If you are a siphon coffee enthusiast like me and have now been addicted to the rich flavourful coffee which is clear and pure then it is the time guys you all need to upgrade your conventional siphon units with the new generation siphon coffee makers that Diguo has bought for all of us.

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