Cona Siphon Or Vaccum coffee maker Review

These days consumption of coffee has increased a lot and people are more keen to prepare what is called the ‘good cup of coffee’ at home instead of going out to the coffee shop every time to sip over a cup of coffee.

For those who are beginners for siphon coffee maker, need to let you guys know that this coffee maker is known for brewing aromatic coffee with fresh thinner flavor which allows one to feel the coffee.

In this article I am going to throw some light on the Cona siphon coffee maker which is a quite known name among other top siphon coffee maker and must be knowing, if you are a siphon coffee lover.

  Brushing up the basics About Vacuum Coffee Brewing

This siphon coffee maker brews coffee using the vacuum brewing technique which is the simplest method used. The vapor mainly extracts the flavor and the aroma from the coffee grounds.

Mainly this device is equipped with two glass pots connected with a narrow pipe. The coffee grounds which are roughly grounded are placed at the top container and the bottom container is filled with preferably hot water which makes the device to consume lesser time to brew coffee.

While brewing the water is heated up using the burner placed beneath the bottom container and it forms vapors which rise up to the top container where the coffee grounds are placed.

Once the vapors reach the top container it gets converted to the liquid state and gets mixed with the coffee grounds.

The mixture is stirred a little and allowed to stand for a while which makes the liquid to percolate down to the bottom container leaving the coffee sediments at the top vessel. Now the coffee is ready to get served.

  About the Cona siphon coffee maker

The Cona siphon coffee maker uses the very popular and quite old ‘Cona’ method for Cona D -A Great Siphon Coffee Maker
brewing coffee. This particular coffee maker is the most simplest and comes with a stylish look that brews awesome flavorful coffee.

The Cona vacuum coffee maker comes with an attractive curvy chrome stand which houses both the coffee pots together and its design is slightly different form the conventional siphon coffee devices.

The ‘D size’ refers to the 1 quart pot. It comes with a glass rod filter which is fitted to the coffee pot and twisted to seal while the device operates.

The coffee pots are made up of high quality glass where the coffee is brewed completely in the glass surface and it never comes in contact with any metal part or any other paper filter.

This particular feature makes it to brew the perfect coffee with all flavors, and rich and smooth taste without any tainted smell.

The base of the handle is equipped with the spirit lamp which allows this device to brew coffee even while placed on the dining table.

The spirit lamp made of glass is filled with denatured alcohol and the wick is attached to the wick-holder and is allowed to absorb the fuel for sometime before being used.

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 Cona Siphon Coffee Maker Review

Cona siphon coffee maker is one of the most popular one among the siphon coffee makers. Although it is a bit expensive in the market but I can give you a heads up if you are really keen for a siphon coffee maker to brew some best coffee at home.

This device is equipped with all the necessary features which is required in a siphon coffee maker and can make it add itself to your cart.


The vacuum coffee maker comes with all the necessary features that make it among the top rated siphon coffee maker.

This particular coffee maker comes with a grip handle, which allows handling it easily even hot while heating.

The next important feature that makes it unique over the other siphon makers is the curvy metal chrome stand housing both the containers.

The chrome stand is extended till the base and houses the glass burner which provides an additional protection to both the burner and the vessel which never comes in direct contact with any surfaces.


Unlike other vacuum coffee maker, this particular siphon coffee maker is more durable due to its chrome stand design which provides an additional protection to the glass vessels along with the burner.

Since we could not find out whether the glass is made up of Borosil or Pyrex, it might be a bit fragile and needs an extra care while handling. Nevertheless to say brewing coffee in a Cona siphon maker is indeed an art.

  Easiness of use

This device is the simplest among all to operate but requires a bit of attention while in use. Since the major portion is glass made it is advisable not to put in dishwasher, rather to clean it by hand using little soap.


Since the Cona siphon maker uses the vacuum method, it allows the brewed coffee to get infused at the perfect temperature with the proper blending of essential extracted coffee oils and caffeine which renders an aromatic coffee with the mind-blowing taste.

As per the review we found the device to be working great, and also aesthetic, than several other similar devices which justify the price point as this is considered to be a premium device and will definitely increase the look of your kitchen.

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