Diguo Belgium Luxury Royal Family Balance Siphon Coffee Maker!

If you fancy about the royal things like me and want to indulge yourself in brewing coffee in such a device that gives you a royal glamor look then here is what you are looking for – Diguo Belgium luxury royal siphon coffee maker.

The Diguo balance siphon coffee maker was invented in 1835 and is the most environment-friendly siphon coffee maker known.

In this article, I am going to pen sketch about the look and feel of the device along with its features and finally about how it operates.

Operating principle of Diguo Belgium Siphon Coffee Maker

This balance siphon coffee maker works on the vacuum pressure method. The first step includes pouring water into the stainless steel container which being heavy topples down.

Diguo Belgium Siphon Coffee MakerNext sufficient amount of coffee grounds are put inside the glass container and a pipe connecting both the containers are fitted and the pipe contains a plastic filter fitted at one of its ends. The glass container is then covered with a lid and the burner is turned on to heat the liquid.

Once water starts boiling, it gets converted to vapors which travel through the narrow tube and reaches the glass container placed on the other end of the balance.

The glass container is filled with the coffee grounds and the temperature being cold here the vapors slowly gets converted to liquid and mixes with the coffee grounds.

Because of continuous heating, the bubble appears which enhances proper mixing of the coffee grounds to extract more coffee oils.

After sufficient time, when the infusion is done the burner is removed, the vapor gets cooled and turns to liquid.

Finally, the steel pot gets empty and rises up and the brewed liquid once again flows to the steel container with the coffee grounds residing at the bottom of the glass container, which contains an attached with a plug item which opens to pour the brewed coffee to the cup.

  Features of Diguo Belgium Siphon coffee maker:


The Diguo Belgium Siphon coffee maker comes with a stainless steel color plated water retainer and a glass chamber which is a heat- resistant one houses the coffee grounds are connected together with a narrow stainless steel color coated pipe. Both the containers are connected with a plated shaft along with a handle.

The most fun watching feature of this siphon maker is the shaft which balances on both sides while the coffee gets brewed.The device is housed on a wooden board base

The next benefit of this funky siphon unit is that it comes with a plug item attached to the outer side of the steel container which allows the brewed liquid to flow into the cup without any hassle of tilting the container.

The lid provided with the glass container allows the brewed liquid to remain hot for sometime.

  Filter design

The filter plays a crucial role in lending the taste of coffee.The Belgian brewer comes with a plastic filter attached to one end of the narrow tube which brews smooth aromatic coffee which is rich in extracted coffee oils and is sediment free.

  Heating mechanism

This royal siphon device comes with an inbuilt alcohol burner which is placed on the wooden board base.

Diguo Royal Siphon Coffee maker review:

If you want to indulge yourself in preparing coffee at home in a royal way then its time for you to unhesitatingly opt for the royal Siphon coffee maker. While reviewing it performed extremely well and produced rich aromatic coffee without a single sediment settling at the bottom of the coffee mug .

In brief this device is royal, heat-resistant, easy to clean and most importantly is a budget friendly device.


This Belgium Royal Siphon maker is equipped with all the necessary features that a normal siphon maker possess for making a cup of nice aromatic brewed coffee. It contains a measuring spoon and a glassful cup.

The first distinguishing feature of this device is the addition of a metal plated shaft which is attached to the stainless steel water retainer.The plating comes in two colors – gold and silver platings which give it an elegant look.


This balance siphon unit is pretty durable than other siphon makers available. The water retainer being made of stainless steel is easy to handle and maintenance of the overall device is also very easy.

Also, the sturdy wooden board base houses the glass container and the burner which provides additional protection.

  Easiness of use

  This device is actually pretty easy to operate and brewing coffee in it is actually fun. Even if power is out there will be no hamper in sipping a cup of awesome coffee.

Maintainance of the device is quite hassle free and its constructional features make it have a more life span.


I would undoubtedly encourage you to go ahead and bring home this royal luxury siphon maker  who are keen to add a royal thing to your kitchen and sip over high-quality restaurant coffee sitting at home.

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