Hario NXA 5 Siphon Coffee Maker Review – 2017

Brewing coffee with the siphon method is perhaps one of the oldest method and indeed an art to look at when the coffee is brewed.

These days there are a variety of good siphon coffee makers available in the market  but the Hario NXA 5 Next siphon maker has become everyone’s choice with its advanced features and looks.

In this article I am going to throw some light on the Hario siphon coffee maker which is perhaps the ultimate quality siphon also known as vacuum coffee maker.

  Brushing up the basics

Hario NXA 5 Coffee MakerThis Hario NXA 5 Next vacuum maker brews coffee using the simplest method of brewing, vacuum brewing technique.The vapor mainly extracts the flavor and the aroma from the coffee grounds.

The device is constructed with two glass pots placed on top of the other and both the containers are connected with a narrow pipe.

The bottom container is filled with water and is heated using the burner fitted beneath the lower pot until the water is near to boil and releases vapors which travels up through the narrow tube and reaches the top container.

The top container is filled with the coffee grounds and the temperature being cold here the vapors slowly gets converted to liquid and mixes with the coffee grounds.

Because of continuous heating the bubbles formed in the bottom chamber agitates the vapors at the top to get mixed properly for the proper extraction.

After sufficient time, when the extraction is done the burner is removed , the vapors allows the lower pot to squeeze all the finished liquid which is ready to pour in the cup.

Features of Hario NXA 5 Siphon Coffee Maker (Best In Class)


The Hario NXA 5 Next coffee maker comes with two glass chambers connected together with a narrow pipe. Both the glass chambers are made up of the best heat resistant,tempered borosillicate glass which makes them durable over other glass siphon makers.

The walls of the brewing containers lean out at broader angles increasing the holding capacity of the containers.

The most eye-catching feature of this siphon maker is that the bottom glass chamber is positioned over a bold and sturdy metal base which provides an additional protection to the lower chamber from breakage.

The next siphon maker comes with a long handle with rubber coating providing a better grip while handling and makes it absolutely easy to handle while hot when brewing coffee. The lid provided at the top allows the brewed liquid to remain hot for sometime.

  Filter Design

The most important feature that affects the taste of coffee brewed is the filter and the material it is made up of.

The Hario vacuum brewer comes with two different filter types, one is the original cloth filter which brews coffee which is rich in extracted coffee oils and full of aroma and doesn’t allow any coffee grounds to settle at the bottom of the coffee cup.

The other one is the metal filter which also brews nice aromatic coffee but with more sediments which are indeed choice of many.

  Heating Mechanism

Unlike other siphon makers which mainly uses liquid fuel, the Hario siphon maker comes with an infrared heat mechanism which involves the hassle free method of filling the liquid to the burner and is resistant to wind and looks beautiful when operates.

 Hario NXA 5 Vaccum Coffee Maker Review

Hario NXA 5 Next Siphon coffee brewerHario vacuum maker is the ultimate quality siphon coffee maker . With its elegant look and specific design structure allows it to take a step ahead of other siphon makers.

Altogether this device is elegant, heat resistant, easy to clean and most importantly is a budget friendly unit which any one can opt for.


The vacuum coffee maker comes with all the necessary features that makes it among the top rated siphon coffee maker.

This particular coffee maker comes with an additional filter type along with the existing cloth filter which makes it a must choose for the customer.

The next important feature that makes it unique over the other siphon makers is the bold metal stand holding the bottom container which provides an additional protection against breakage to the vessel which never comes in direct contact with any surfaces.


This particular vacuum unit is pretty durable compared to other glass siphon makers due to its constructional features since the glass used in this device is high heat resistant, tempered borosilicate glass.

Secondly the presence of the sturdy metal base gives an additional protection against breakage compared to other glass units.

Also since the heating chamber is not made up of glass it posses a longer life compared to glass burners.

  Easiness of use

This device is quite easy to operate and one can brew coffee in it while doing some other work as well. It is dish washer safe but the top vessel with the stem in it is often prone to break so care needs to be taken while washing.


After a thorough review of this Hario NXA 5 siphon coffee maker, I can opine that it is the best among other siphon makers, and without hesitating I would highly recommend this product to all those who are planning to bring home a Hario.

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