KitchenAid KCM0512SS French Press Coffee Maker Review

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If you are a dedicated French press coffee drinker, just like me. You deserve the best French press coffee maker money can buy. Won’t you agree?

Although we have already reviewed the best & popular French press coffee maker that is available in the market, the list seemed incomplete without the KitchenAid KCM0512SS French press.

If you are wondering that what it would take a coffee press to be called the best in the category, we have a well written post for that one too and you can check it out here. Although we are going to briefly discus the points once more:

Features of the best French press coffee makers:

  • Double Wall Design: The double wall design prevents heat loss and hence there is a very small heat loss during the brewing and also the coffee can be kept in warm condition for sometime in the carafe.
  • Stainless Steel: The devices made up of stainless steel are much robust and can handle rough usage and pressure while plunging. You can use the plunger worry free and brew coffee with ease.
  • Double Screening: Some of the best French press coffee makers like KitchenAid KCM0512SS and Sterling pro have double screening stainless steel mesh, which prevents fine coffee grounds leeching into your coffee.
  • Easy To Clean: The devices should be easy to clean and at its best should be dish washer safe.

KitchenAid KCM0512SS French Press Coffee Maker Review [Best Semi Auto Device]

KitchenAid KCM0512SS French Press Coffee Maker Kitchen Aid took the French press coffee making experience to a whole new level by integrating the most required manual features and converting them into semi automatic. If you want to brew the perfect cup of coffee you need to get the KitchenAid French Press Coffee Maker.


KitchenAid very craftily designed this particular device, as it has all the necessary features to become the best plunger press coffee maker and more. This device very skilfully emits the only two variables, which could ruin the coffee making experience, and they are the measure of the grounded coffee and the time for which you need to brew the coffee.

The KitchenAid KCM0512SS French press coffee maker contains an electronic system along with an led display which shows you the amount of coffee ground added and also an integrated timer to keep track of the brewing time.

This makes sure that you do not need to guess the measurement of coffee you put in every time you brew. And also do not need to find a separate clock or timer.

The whole system is powered by AAA batteries and hence does not require any electrical chord, which makes your kitchen space clumsy.

The device by itself sports a stainless steel dual wall body which prevents heat loss during the brewing time and also if the coffee is kept for some time to rest.

The device also has another feature which is termed as flavour profile and it lets the user choose between strong and soft coffee flavours, which are controlled by the automatic control system.

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The device being made up of stainless steel makes it quite durable and hardy. You can always use the device without any fear of putting extra pressure on the walls, and hence can be easily operated by anyone.

The Plunger and the mesh is made up of similar high quality stainless steel, and should last for a long time if maintained properly.

All in all the device is quite durable and would last quite long if used with care.

Easiness of Use:

I think I should stress on the fact that this is the device we found to be the easiest to use, and which does not require any other accessory tools or attachments to brew a cup of good French press coffee.

Let’s find out:

  1. Measurement: The measurement of coffee grounds has been perfected and totally taken care by integrating a scale within the device.
  2. Timer: Inbuilt timer helps to remove any assumptions or guesswork from the system and hence gives you a perfect timing for the brew.
  3. Flavour Profile: The flavour profile helps to create the required flavour for the brew.
  4. Soft Grip: A soft grip with handle to prevent the handle to be heated and makes the device easy to use.
  5. All Stainless Steel Design: Full stainless steel design takes away a lot of headache in a single go, like heat loss, pressure, cleaning and much more.


This device is clearly not the top selling French press coffee maker available in the market, but this is the easiest one to use which delivers results that we can vouch for as several other users who have purchased it.

What we found is that the sales of this device is somewhat limited because of its price, but if you are a regular French press drinker and would stay that way this is your best investment in the field I can assure you of that.

It not only delivers result but also is a cool device to own out of the crowd!

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