Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press Review

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Many people who prefer using French press coffee maker to brew awesome coffee mostly go with the stainless steel design rather than using the glass or plastic design for several reasons. Although we already included the device under the high quality French Press Coffee maker post.

Still today in this post I am going to talk over the features and design of a Kuissential French Press maker in-depth to give a clear idea of the device to all those who are looking for a budget friendly French press coffee maker.

Features of Kuissential French press coffee brewer:

Kuissential French Press  Double walled design

This French press model is featured with a double walled design which allows the brewed coffee or tea to remain hot for more than an hour or so and you do not need a thermos flask to accompany you to heat the brewed coffee.

Also the double walled design allows the device to be handled quite easily even when it is dead hot.

 Single screen filter design

The Kuissential French press maker comes with a single screen filter design. This unique feature allows the essential oils to make their way into the coffee mug making your coffee taste fantastic and flavorful.

 Scratch resistant and dishwasher safe

This particular French press maker comes with a stainless steel body and has a bold look and is resistant to stress in comparison to the glass devices.

After brewing few cups of coffee one can easily drop it in the dishwasher to clean it easily without any hassle.


The Kuissential French press comes with an elegant mirror finish stainless steel body which makes it a must choice to keep in office or at home. The interior part of the French press maker posses a brushed finish design.

Because of its bold design it is easy to get it packed and carry it anywhere while travelling.

Kuissential French press coffee maker review

If someone is looking for stainless steel French coffee maker in a pocket friendly budget then definitely the Kuissential French press secures a higher position than the most popular Sterling pro French press maker.

All together I highly recommend this French press maker as it is less expensive, easy to handle and cleaning is also easy, and due to its sleek design requires almost no space in the kitchen. It is also environment friendly as it does not use any disposable filters for filtering coffee.


The Kuissential coffee maker comes in a size of 33 oz (1litre) and is capable of brewing delicious homemade coffee. This unique coffee maker gives us the entire control of the infusion time while brewing; hence one can infuse the coffee for a longer period of time to sip a strong coffee.

The device operated absolutely well when I had reviewed it and it is indeed the choicest coffee maker in a low budget.

The shiny stainless steel body gives the device a pretty long life compared to the other glass device which is more prone to breakage and requires extreme care to handle. Whether the Kuissential coffee maker is filled with water or empty it can easily be placed in dishwasher to get it cleaned.

The single layer filter which comes attached to the plunger never allows any coffee grounds to percolate to the coffee mug but makes sure the extracted oils sip through the mesh filter other than the paper filters which blocks those oils from flowing through.

The most important feature that attracts all our attention is the double walled feature which makes the brewed liquid hot for a longer period of time and even acts a good insulator and makes it to handle easily even when it is hot.


Just like the most popular Sterling pro French press coffee maker, this French coffee maker also poses a dual design feature which makes it more stress as well as pressure resistant.

Also the body of the coffee maker is made up of stainless steel which makes it quite durable. What more can we expect than to have a longer life span of a French coffee maker at such a low cost.

  Easiness of use

The Kuissential coffee maker is quite easy to handle like the top rated Sterling pro French coffee maker and can be easily put in dishwasher. However cleaning it by hand using little soap ensures a longer life.


 After reviewing this device, I can give a green signal for all those who are ready to buy an easy to handle, durable and good looking coffee maker that makes it seat at any corner of your home or office and serve you a good cup of brewed coffee.

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