Melitta 43553 Best Milk Frother Review 2017

If you are too busy and fatigued with your life and your lifestyle, You know what a right cup of coffee can do. There are hardly any places, most importantly coffee shops, where you find the right sip with the right amount of sugar milk and coffee. Melitta 43553 best milk frother is a heavenly gift when it comes to making coffee.

best milk frother MellitaYou might be a man of great taste and can prefer espressos some day and Latte the other. We completely understand you and go through the same mood swings. As long as you have this device at your sweet home, you should not even worry about getting bored with the same kind of coffee every day.

Melitta 43553 best milk frother is a wireless device that is specially designed by the manufacturers to create milk froth. This takes very little for the entire process and is thus preferred by a lot of users.

If you are very new to the coffee making business, This machine can serve as a perfect help. You do not have that typical home -made coffee essence which adds to its advantages.

This tool will save a lot of expense that you usually do on buying coffee from coffee shops. If I was provided with an opportunity of getting something as useful and pocket-friendly as this, No one could have stopped me from purchasing one.

Features of The Melitta 43553 Best Milk Frother :

Design :

  1. We cannot try and ignore the way this device is designed. The model is user-friendly and portable. It will not be much trouble if you would want to carry it from one place to the other.
  2. The device is wireless which in itself is a brilliant addition. You can use the tool to froth the milk at anyplace you want and do not even worry about a source of electricity.
  3. The device is structured so that you can use it both for hot and cold drinks. You can froth warm as well as cold milk.
  4. The interior of this device is nonstick which makes the cleaning easy. There is hardly any milk extract or burnt milk found at the end of the usage.
  5. You are completely wrong if you think that this device is designed only for turning milk into the froth. This can also warm milk if asked for.
  6. It also warms cocoa if asked to. This device is actually of good use and is extremely useful.
  7. There are very few devices which take care of the safety of the customers. This is one such device. The makers have kept into account the safety and introduced concealed heating for this device. That way you need not worry if you have a child at your place. This device is absolutely safe.

Mechanism :

The chief selling point of this device is that it is extremely user-friendly. You do not need to invest too much time into understanding how this works. The operation is simple. You have to pour the milk Up to the point where ‘maximum’ is written. Any point above that, the milk might just overflow.

You will have to press the button once to froth the milk. Once the froth is done, the button will turn red and automatically turn off.

To froth cold milk, You will have to press the button thrice until it is blue in color. This takes hardly any time.

If you have to just warm your milk, You have to nothing much other than just pressing the button twice. The button will continue to be red in color.

The mechanism is quite easy and can be handled by anyone of any age.

There are booklets given by the manufacturers which act as a guide thereby helping the users.

Tip: Do not exceed the maximum limit. It might spill the milk and your froth might go to complete waste.

Melitta 43553 Best Milk Frother Review:

best milk frother MellitaPerformance :

This device is perfect if you want to add a coffee shop like feel to your coffee. This is a brilliant addition to your modular kitchen. The look of the machine is also perfect and it is absolutely handy.

As far as the performance is concerned, this tool is quite impressive. The size of this thing is absolutely perfect and can be very easily carried to your office and other places.

The froth made is perfect as reported by the users , the only drawback being its sound. There are a number of milk frothers found in the market which is absolutely silent and hardly disturbs anyone while being operated.

The other drawback of this machine is that the amount of froth is less in comparison to others. This might be of concern to some users.

Durability :

The device is well designed. The inside of it is nonsticky and hence is extremely easy to clean. The material with which this is made of might not be too hardy as complained by a lot of users.

Some users find it a little difficult to clean because one has to keep into account the electrical parts such that it does not get wet. That might lead to some accident.

If you take care of this little glitches here and there, this machine is perfect to use.

Easy to use?

This tool is very easy to use. There is a booklet where all the needful is mentioned. All you have to do is click on the button at the right time. The procedure is absolutely simple and is the reason why so many users are attracted to it.


I am an absolute supporter of this product. I think, it saves a lot of money and time as you do not have to visit the coffee shops. Not doing these , you can enjoy homemade brilliant espressos and lattes. The drawbacks are not to be ignored but the advantages are totally worth a try!

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