Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter by Madesco- Review!

If you are a coffee lover, you must taste different kinds of coffee with much ease and pleasure. There are a lot of products that are introduced by the manufacturers to make your coffee experience better.

If you are tired of having the same old coffee recipes for long, you might just want to try something different. Why don’t you try cold coffee brewing methods? They are quite famous among the crowd and a large section of people seem to be attracted by it.

There are different products available in the market that is specially introduced to enhance your happiness.

This Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter is one of them and is surely one of the best of its kind. If you are aware of the features that are installed in these little packets, you will be nothing less than amazed.

Herein are the features of this coffee filter mentioned that have played a significant role in making it the best available product in the market.

The features of the Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter are as follows:Madesco Coffee Filter Review

  1. These filters are small in size and are specially designed for brewing cold coffee.
  2. The filters come at cheap prices and are easily affordable by many.
  3. They are durable and are not easily hampered.
  4. The best part is you can reuse them and there is a very little chance of wastage.
  5. These are made up of natural cotton and no harmful chemicals.
  6. There is no bleaching involves and there are no chemicals involved that are harmful to our health.
  7. This pack helps you to make coffee that you can use for two or three days thus lessening your effort.
  8. The best part about this product is that you can easily carry it while you are traveling. During long travels, if at any point of time you want to have coffee, you will just be grateful to have them with you.
  9. They are extremely versatile and you can make good use of them for making any kind of coffee.
  10. They come with a guarantee of one year which is great in itself.


I have been doing some studies about this product and have found out that this had a great reputation in the market and lot of people recommend this product to their friend.

The fact that it is versatile adds to the popularity of this particular product. Not to forget, this product also helps us to make a different kind of coffee and saves a lot of time and money.


This is extremely durable and you can use this particular product for the longest period of time. These are made up of pure cotton and no harmful materials that might harm to our health. They are reusable and you have no chances to complain about this particular product.


You get these filters at extremely affordable prices and hence even if you have a tight budget, you should not be stopping yourself from getting hold of them. They are easily cleaned plus takes good care of the health of the people.

Even if you have guests coming at your place, you can treat them with different kinds of coffee and not with the normally served ones. This gives a cafe-like feel to your place and your place will be the favorite place to party.


The Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter provides a guarantee of about 1 year which is pretty great and one of the significant reason why the users are extremely attracted to it. This product provides you with no reason to complain.

Pros and Cons of the Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Filter:


  1. They provide for a new method of coffee brewing which is largely different from the rest.
  2. They are made up of pure cotton and avoid any chemical or harmful product.
  3. This helps in adding a cafe-like a feel to your place.
  4. This product is long lasting and can be used for a long period of time.
  5. This product is extremely cheap and can be afforded by a large section of people.
  6. There is no bleaching involved in this.
  7. The filters are reusable. This adds to their popularity and a large number of people want to buy them.
  8. They come with a one year guarantee.


  1. Some people complain about this product being a little difficult to be cleaned. The people take quite some time to clean this product and often get annoyed.
  2. There are some users who have complained about the bags not being sewn properly. This might just lead to the leakage of the coffee which can, in turn, be a little annoying.

However, the manufacturer has mentioned the steps to deal with these issues in the FAQ page.

This product happens to be one of the best available in the market and is rightfully so. However, I would always ask you to use the product and form an opinion.

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