Hario Sommelier Syphon Coffee Maker Review

If you are among those coffee enthusiasts wandering to take coffee brewing to the next level, then here is what you are looking for. The top rated Hario Sommelier siphon coffee maker comes with an elegant look and makes coffee brewing in it very simple, making the rich tastier coffee.

The siphon or the vacuum method of brewing is one of the oldest method of brewing coffee. Once you start brewing coffee in this Sommelier siphon maker, it feels more like performing a science experiment rather than making regular cup of coffee.

In this article I am going to throw some light on the Hario Sommelier coffee maker which is perhaps one of the top rated siphon coffee makers.

  Hario Syphon Sommelier Top Features:


The Hario Sommelier coffee maker comes with two glass chambers connected together with a narrow pipe. Both the glass chambers are made up of the best heat resistant borosillicate glass which makes them durable over other glass siphon makers. Both the glass containers are hand made to achieve the maximum capacity and the high quality finish.

The top glass chamber is attached to a bold and sturdy steel clamp which provides an additional protection to the upper chamber and allows the top chamber to sit on its own.

The neck of the bottom container is covered with a thick silicone collar which allows it to hold with ease even when hot.

The walls of the bottom container leans out at certain angles which allows the brewed liquid to completely flow into the cup when tilted properly.

  Filter design

The Sommelier siphon maker works exactly like other vacuum pots, the only difference being that it comes with dual filter design.

The Sommelier vacuum brewer comes with two different filter types, one is the original cloth filter which brews absolute clear coffee with no sediments and is rich in extracted coffee oils and full of aroma .The newer one is the metal filter which is made of laser cut and works pretty well and brews coffee with sediments at the bottom.

The metal filter provides option for re-use and can be easily washed and cleaned and leaves you with both the options to choose for.

  Heating mechanism

This vacuum unit comes with a separate burner which uses alcohol as its fuel, and it is not attached to the bottom container and is separate.

   Sommelier Syphon Coffee Maker Review:

Sommelier vacuum maker is indeed the next level siphon coffee maker . While reviewing it performed extremely well and produced rich aromatic coffee .

Although it lies in slightly higher price range, this device is elegant, heat resistant, easy to clean and simple to work with.


This top rated Sommelier siphon maker is equipped with all the necessary features that a normal siphon maker posses.

The first distinguishing feature of this device is the addition of a metal filter with the existing original cloth filter.

The bell curve design of the bottom container allows the brewed liquid to completely flow into the cup   when  tilted at a particular angle.


This particular vacuum unit is pretty durable compared to other glass siphon makers due to its constructional features since the glass used in this device is high heat resistant, tempered borosilicate glass.

Next the presence of a unique sturdy steel clamp attached to the top chamber of the coffee decanter provides an additional protection.

Also the presence of the silicone collar over the neck of the bottom container provides additional protection.

  Easiness of use

Since the device uses siphon method , coffee brewing in this device is very simple and even you can see the coffee getting brewed.

It can be easily washed in dishwasher since the containers are made of high quality glass.But with a little care and good handling one can easily give a longer life span to his/her Sommelier coffee maker. Cleaning the metal filter as well as the cloth filter is very easy and hassle free.


After a thorough review of this Sommelier coffee maker, I would highly recommend this product to all those  who are ready to compromise with their budget to buy an easy to handle and good looking coffee maker that makes it seat at any corner of your home and serve you a good cup of brewed coffee every morning.

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