About Us

Lotofcoffee is, at its core, is a blog about coffee. Although, that does not stop us from slowly expanding our reach into the art of coffee making, espresso and fine beans. We are relatively new to the coffee community and are happy to contribute in the shadows of several veteran blogs, who have been there for long time.

We are young, but we are full of energy to grow. And have three core principles to guide us on our mission.

Principle 1: Deliver Value Through Great Quality Engaging Content.

It’s our primary goal and it is the thing we are best at and has given us the traction that we needed in the first place to start off. We have excellent authors, who are crazy about coffee and contributes to our community. Whether it is how to guides, product reviews or interviews.

Principle 2: Deliver Quality Hand-on reviews of best coffee related products.

Be it a coffee machine an espresso maker or the burr grinder, if it’s the best, it has quality we will review it. We ask companies for sending samples, if they can. If they can’t we either buy it or get someone who can provide it to us for reviewing. We always want to get the best possible review out to you.

Principle 3: Provide Value Added services(In Progress).

By getting all the required products of different categories, in one place so that it is dead easy for a newbie to catch up with the party of delightful coffee, we would look forward to opening up physical store, where only the best products of all category would be selected and sold.

For any reason if you want to contact us, please feel free to do so.